THE DINGO'S BREAKFAST CLUB is an eclectic academic site for those who are curious and who also have a sense of humor. Topics include an animated atlas for equine biomechanics and dressage, thermodynamics and the dippy bird, interdisciplinary studies at Western College of Miami Univeresity (Ohio), a summer of natural history in Australia (southern hemisphere winter), dressage insider humor, woollybear data, woodlice info and links. Sci Fi mavens will enjoy the Alien Intelligence section.

This site is always being developed to reflect classroom material and research projects...

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This site features links to Aussie natural history, very limited thermodynamics, biomechanics, HawgWash (Woolly Bears, Furby autopsy, Darwin Awards, Museum of Bad Art, IgNobel Prize and more!))

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Equine Biomechanics ( RatherBe Blue)
Attitude Alley
(Bloo Ish)
Flip 2 the Bird
(Party Dress Pink)
Australian 'Summer' Vacation*
(Aussie Mossy)
Premium HawgWash
(WannaBe Blue)
Sowbug Outreach Society
(Frooty Loopy)
Science Fiction & Imagined Intelligence
Extinction 101 Yella
USDF Y2K Convention Art Creamy
Equine Social Intelligence Tests (Blue)

*Bonus for admirers of the Arthur Upfield "Bony" mystery stories: the Australian summer vacation site has links to locations where those stories take place.

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